This March, I’m adding a twist to my St. Patrick’s Day celebration by shaving my head to raise money for a cure for childhood cancer through an event called St. Baldrick’s Day.

St. Baldrick’s was dreamt up by a group of business executives in New York City in 2000, who had been observing St. Patrick’s Day in the traditional way---pints at their favorite pub, with music and laughter in great supply. They decided to give their celebration a little twist and help young children diagnosed with cancer by recruiting volunteers to have their heads shaved in return for pledges of financial support.

What began with a goal of “$17,000 on the 17'th of March,” in five years raised nearly $7,000,000! The primary beneficiary of the event is CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation, the only organization of its kind focused solely on supporting life-saving research and treatment of childhood cancer.

Unlike many of these children who face an uncertain future, I am lucky enough to know that my hair will grow back in just a couple of months. So, if a little off the top will help save the life of a child, it’s a small price to pay.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation by sponsoring me to shave my head.

To make a donation, and learn more about the event and the cause, visit

To go directly to my donation page, click here.

Thanks for considering!