Why is it such a good thing? Every once in a while, something like this happens.

Back on September 5th, we posted this little update about our last Kane County Cougars game of the summer.

In response to that post, we recently received this message, with a title, simply, of "web page:"

"I was just doing a search to see if I could see how Freddy Sandoval was doing in the Mexican League, and I came across your posting. We are Kernels Season Ticket Holders, and went to the last series in Kane County. Freddy is a wonderful young man and was a great Christian who dealt with our children and all children in a super manner. We too hope he makes it big, and remembers the little ones along the way. We have three children 6, 8, and 10. We see our last series next season is in Kane County, so we will be back.

"Enjoyed your site."

We were at the same game! This was followed up with another message, titled "Kernels Ball:"

"Sorry to bug you again, but I didn’t read your whole posting until sharing it with my husband. TJ Stanton is one of our other favorite players and I am glad that your children each got a ball. My 10 year old left the Kane County Field with TJ’s hat, and my daughter with Jordan Renz’s hat. As you know with season tickets,(and my children are a bit older than yours) the kids became good friends with the players being they spent so many of their summer days at the ball park."

Obviously, these e-mails did not bug us - it was sweet of someone so kind to e-mail us, about shared experiences, that we never even knew we shared, until we received the e-mails.

The world wide web is a wonderful thing - it allows people to share these common experiences in kind, thoughtful, and wonderful ways. Thank you, anonymous e-mailer, for dropping us a line! You made our day.

So, just doing our part - here is a new link to the Kernels website, and here is where one could go, if they, say, wanted to support the Kernels by purchasing some Kernels gear!