Okay, we're back from Mexico - had a terrific time at the resort. The resort was beautiful, the grounds were wonderful, the food and service was fabulous. 

That's a picture of the swim-up rooms' river, taken from our own swim-up room. The swim-up river leads from the swim-up rooms, to the main pool, which has a swim-up bar. This means that you can go get a cocktail (or even lunch) without ever getting out of the water! All in all, a nice resort.

So we left sunny Mexico only to return to frigid temperatures here in Chicago.

Anyway, we're having friends over tomorrow for a small, Irish-themed dinner party, to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, and also to thank our friends Kristin and John Perry for watching and feeding our fish while we were on vacation. Don't tell them, but we're having this soda bread and John's version of thisEmeril Lagasse recipe for dinner. (We are using beef instead of lamb, and adding pearl onions and peas, but otherwise are doing the recipe as-is. Except that we're doubling it.)

Oh, and we're having this triple-layer Guinness&Chocolate cake for desert.

Sounds good, doesn't it?!?!?

Oh, and if you are reading this, save the date of April 16th - that is when we're having the 2005 Casserole Olympics!