Stage two of our first ever baseball trifecta happened today as we went to the Kane County Cougarsgame. Like the Cubs did yesterday, the Cougars won today in their tilt against the Lansing Lugnuts.

We have pretty good seats for the Cougars games - we have a 10-game season package, feet-on-the-wall front row, and today was the third game we've been to this season. The boys enjoy these games, even if they do not always pay attention to the action on the field. (Note the kid we did not know peeking into the camera in that shot. Later, he was exiting the row and kicked over my beer. Ugh.)

Today the boys also had, for the first time, a little treat called Dipping Dots, a faux ice cream-like concoction that has to be about the most detestable tasting dessert ever made. Naturally, they loved it, begged for more (we refused) and then pointed out EVERY single ad for Dipping Dots that came up on the scoreboard.

Cody got this ball - we bought a similar one for Bailey on the way out of the park.

Here is the requisite picture of John and the boys at the game.

Two down (Cubs and Cougars) and one game to go (White Sox tomorrow) on the Needham Family Memorial Day Baseball Trifecta. So more to come tomorrow.