Today was the third leg of the Chicago-area baseball triple crown. Saturday, we went to Wrigley Field to see the Chicago CubsSunday, it was Elfstrom Field to see the Kane County Cougars.

Today it was U.S. Cellular Field (formerly, and more properly, known as Comiskey Park) to see the Chicago White Sox.

Like in the games before, the home team won. So we got to see three wins in three days by three different Chicago-area home teams. Yes, we're good luck charms.

"The Cell" is a super ballpark, all the complaints by South Siders notwithstanding. The food is certainly much better than Wrigley field, though both local major league ballparks take a back seat to Elfstrom Field when it comes to culinary experiences.

The boys had another good time at the ball park today, though the general sense was that both boyswere decidedly baseball'ed out by the end of today's game.

Still, it was a great weekend. We all hope that your Memorial Day weekend was as eventful and family-filled as ours was.

A couple of observations, things we learned, or in some cases, we had confirmed, this weekend:

1. Parking around Wrigley field may be problematic, but public transportation is easy. We drove to the local Metra station, took the train downtown, a short cab ride across the loop, and the CTA directly to the ballpark. All super easy, though somewhat time consuming. We left for a noon game at about 8:30, and did not get home until after 5:00 p.m. It was a long day for the boys, and for the parents.

2. Parking around Comiskey Park is widely regarded as better than around Wrigley, but that was not our experience today. Parking was awful - we left the house an hour and forty five minutes before a 3:00 p.m. game, and still missed the first inning and a half. It was more traffic than anything, but parking was terrible too.

3. For us, the Kane Country Cougars are ultra-accessible. We can drive to the game in about 20 minutes, and gate-side parking is one dollar and fifty cents.

For these reasons and many more, trips to major league parks are going to be few and far between. We'll stick with our Cougars.

One more observation:

4. Cody Ambrose Needham eats more than either Carolyn or John. Is this mormal for three year olds? As Carolyn mentioned, just wait until he is in high school! I'll need to get a second job. 

We don't have tickets to another baseball game until mid-July. We're fine with that.