By now, most people know that we are having an in-ground pool installed in our backyard - this was the backyard construction project that we've had underway.

Yes, this was probably not the optimal time to have a pool installed - late September/early October to have an in-ground pool installed? Sub-optimal, to be sure. But it was the time that worked for us, from a personal and financial standpoint - so, there ya go.

We ordered the pool from Go Blue Water, and the model we ordered is the Orion shown here.

Here the crew is attaching a crane to the pool on the delivery truck, and here they are lifting the pool off the truck with the crane.

Here goes the pool over and around the house, and here the crew nudges the new pool through the space between our house and our neighbors. Note that at this point, the pool is upside down.

By releasing one cord, they were able to flip the pool over(and, I'm told, almost take out the little crab apple tree in the foreground of the picture - happily, the tree survived the experience!).

Eventually, they were able to lower the new pool into the holethat they had dug over the weekend.

Right now, we've got a hose putting water into the pool, mostly to weigh it down. The crew will come later in the week to finish filling up the pool with water from a truck.

Improbably, when they delivered our pool, there were actuallytwo pools on the truck! I'm told that this week, two other families are having pools installed by the same crew!

We're happy to be a part of this "trend."