Full size image. Have you guys heard of Sara Evans? If you haven't yet, you will, probably. Especially if, like us, you like great music.

We saw Sara Evans in concert Saturday night at Joliet's Rialto Square Theater. We had second row (aisle) seats. It was an amazing concert. And, as shown, we got to meet Sara after the concert. Sara complimented CarCar on her blouse. CarCar was walking on air afterwards.

(Mental note to self - compliment Carolyn's blouses more often!)

Sara Evans. HIGHLY recommended music. Available on I-Tunes, for the uninitiated. An awesome performance. An awesone artist.

We need to go to small-venue concerts more often. Especially for musicians we really like.

Oh, and here is a picture that Sara Evans signed for Carolyn, after she complimented CarCar's blouse.