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Four years ago tomorrow, on May 1, 2002, Cody Ambrose Needham joined 2our little family. Here is a picture from that day, which was also Bailey's first look at his new little brother. For that matter, it was also Cody's first look at his new big brother. Here is another picture from Cody's first day.

Yesterday afternoon we had a little shin-dig for the Birthday Boy. Before that though, Cody helped make and decorate his birthday cake. (Those are candy sprinkles on the cake, and Cody insisted it was also Mavis' birthday too, so we gave her proper recognition. Mavis is a train on Sodor Island, from Thomas The Tank Engine fame.) 

Cody had a great time at the party, sharing cake and pizza with his friends,spending time with them and with his brother and making secret wishes with themtoo. All in all, it was a terrific party for a terrific boy. 

We hope your family had a great weekend too.