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A certain someone at the office has been complaining that the website is missing summer pool pictures. 

Well, here is a pool time update.

In three words, we love itCody loves diving with a noodle and most times come back up for air though he sometimes requires rescuing.

Bailey, on the other hand, prefers his Spiderman kickboard to the noodles. 

Both boys prefer playing in the shallow end, though they've both ventured out into "deeper waters" with their noodles and kickboards. And both love (and I mean LOVE) doing cannonballs, as long as someone is there to catch them.

Meanwhile, Mommy prefers relaxing on the bench in the deep end. That is, when she's not looking smokin' hot poolside.

I'm a lucky man.

Here is what the pool looks like at night, taken from near the house. And here is what it looks like taken from the other side, back towards the house.

C'mon over, why don't ya? The pool is open