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So, Bay and I went camping. It was a large event for Bay's new Tiger Scout den - Bailey is now a fledgling Cub Scout. 

Bailey helped set up the tent, by helping driving in the tent stakes, and he had a blast with his new friends.

There was fishing, and casting contests (we caught no fish, alas), and an amazing presentation from a scientist from Fermi Labs, who brought tankards of liquid nitrogen and demonstrated its power. She even made ice cream by pouring liquid nitrogen over half-and-half with sugar and vanilla in it, and as the nitrogen evaoprated, the cream froze, making ice cream. Have you ever imagined a container that has two liquids in it, and one evaoprates as the other one freezes, just because of the chemical composition of the two liquids? 

As I said.....amazing.

Bay had an amazing time - he was, as often happens, the best behaved little fella at the campout. He was his usual happy self.