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We went to our first Kane County Cougars game yesterday. (The Cougars lost badly to the first place Clinton Lumber Kings.)

The kids really enjoy these games, and we have really excellent front row seats next to the visitors bullpen. We almost never leave the game without getting a baseball from from at least one player from the other team and yesterday was no exception to this rule. Here is a picture of our seats taken from the center field wall. (Front row, the first four seats next to the aisle shown here.)

What were we doing in center field, one might ask, to get that picture?

Well, the Cougars let fans go out on the field, through a gate in the center field wall, so that the fans can run the bases after games. Here is Cody do exactly that. Here is Baliey. And here is Carolyn running the bases. 

More pictures:

Bailey running again.

Cody again

Carolyn again.

Me and the boys.

Just the boys.