We missed posting from Christmas, 2008, so this will have to do.

Full sized image.

We had a terrific Christmas, as we so often do. We had a totally white Christmas, and the boys were quite enthused about that. Enthusiastic enough, in fact, to want to throw snowballs at Dad. Including some unusually large snowballs.

We followed the snow play with a warming meal - linguine with chicken and garlic bread, always fun to eat.

Afterward, we had the traditional reading of The Night Before Christmas(also pictured above). Then the boys were off to bed, where no doubt visions of sugar plums, and presents, danced in their own heads.

Today, of course, is New Years Day, and this is the first website update for 2009. Later today we have friends coming over for our version of New Years Jambalaya and bacon and cheddar cornbread

Additional pictures:

1. Cody on Christmas morning.

2. Bailey and Cody with their gigantic Star Wars coloring book.

3. Bailey with his new remote controled helicopter. Yes, it really flies.

Both boys on Christmas Eve. Yes, we really are that fortunate. They aregreat friends and are a constant source of joy in our lives.

We hope that the new year brings you all much joy, great health and happiness and prosperity.