Our 10-year old just finished a book report for school, in which he took on John Scalzi's Hugo Award winning novel Old Man's War.

The book is a longer book than he normally reads for school, and is probably not perfectly age appropriate for a 10-year old grade school student, but several things led us to decide to allow Bailey to take on this challenge. First of all, Bailey is a pretty smart kid, and appropriately enough he asked us a lot of questions about the book while he was reading it. When he asked a question that we felt he should not really know the answer to, we just told him that. 

Second, Bailey loves to read. Better to have him reading above his grade level than not reading at all. 

Additionally, Bailey has a strong interest in science - along with history - and he loves to read, and Old Man's War is, after all, an award-winning novel and was voted the best science fiction novel of the last decade.

Finally, Bailey is an owner of a first-edition copy of the book, with a personalized autographed inscription by the author, John Scalzi. So, there's that, too.

Anyway, here is a link to Bailey's book report

We're very proud of his efforts reading this book, and now Bailey is looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the universe.

Additional information:

John Scalzi blogs HERE.

The Old Man's War Amazon page, if you want to get the book yourself, is HERE.

Finally, at filmcritic.com Scalzi reviews SciFi and Fantasy films HERE.