Today is the first day of school in Aurora. This means Bailey and Cody are heading back to the classroom. It also means that they are back in the same school again, after a year where Bay was in middle-school and Cody was still in primary school.

We're happy to have them back in the same school, an on the same schedule, even though Cody is not the early-riser that Bailey has always been. This will likely be a challenge for Cody in coming days and weeks.

Cody has some trepidation about middle-school, though the rest of us are quite sure he'll do just fine. He is not as big a fan of change as we are. 

I think it helps that Cody's older brother will be in school with him, and he'll also have tons of friends from his primay school with him too. 

We're super-proud of *both* boys and I was happy to be able to work from home today to walk them both to the bus stop. Now I can't wait until they get home so we can get a full report on their first day!

John Needham

August 19, 2013

Aurora, IL