So this was the week of concerts. Cody, pictured below, is a percussionist in his middle-school band, and he loves it. He also takes piano lessons and takes electric guitar lessons too.

I took this picture before his first concert, complete with photo-bombs by his friends in band.

Bailey is in the middle-school honors band, and tried out for, and made, both the Sectional Band and Regional Band. He plays trumpet and piano.

So these are the videos of their middle-school band concerts:

First, Cody on snare drum (3 minute video):

Next, Cody on chimes, then on bells (two short songs in one 4 minutes video):

Then, Bailey's honors band, the first piece (3 minutes):

The honors band's second piece ("Greensleeves" a 4:35 video):

The honors band's final piece ("Up on the Rooftop" a 2:35 video):

Then yesterday the Regional Band had a concert. These are some of the finest music students in east Texas. They played four pieces, after meeting for the first time Friday night, getting the music, meeting the directors and practicing for a few hours, they met again yesterday morning and practiced again, then had the concert.

Band is pretty big here in Texas. Note that the venue for this concert - the perfomance space shown in these videos, is one of the local middle-schools. These are the facilities for middle-school students to practice in, and to perform in. We are amazed.

Anyway, here is the first piece from the regional middle-school band (4:50 video):

Here is the second piece (2:50 video):

The third piece (1:36 video):

The fourth ad final piece from yesterday (4:20 video):

That's all for now, except to say that I hope this little musical interlude put you in a "holiday state of mind!"

Merry Christmas from us, down here in Texas!

John P. Needham

December 14, 2014

Spring, TX