So we're in Tennessee this week, taking a little family vacation. We're in Memphis today, visiting some familiar haunts for me and Carolyn, but places that are new to Bailey and Cody, since this is their first visit to TN.
Last night we took them to Corky's Memphis BBQ, a place where Carolyn and I have both been to many times. The food was typically great, especially the banana pudding dessert, which the kids loves. They also had a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with their cousin Emily, who just moved to Memphis and starts work this week.

Today we visited the world famous Peabody Hotel downtown for the "Duck March" which was a lot of fun, and event the kids really enjoyed; so did Carolyn and me.
After the Peabody we visited the National Civil Rights Museum, also in downtown Memphis. You just can't imagine.
This was a site I've long wanted to visit. I can remember seeing images in the Chicago Tribune from the days after April 4, 1968, seeing the images from the Lorraine Motel.
Lorraine Hotel