"Hey, I Donated. How About You?"

So says Scalzi, where we learn of the Dewey Donation System, where Pamela Ribon "has done an annual charity drive wherein she picks a group of libraries who are in need of some timely donations and encourages all her readers (and others) to make a donation of books or cash to the libraries."

You can head over to the donation site and view the libraries' Amazon Wish Lists. Then, when you are ready, choose a book or two and they'll be delivered directly to the libraries.

The beneficiaries of this year's donation drive are libraries in the Gulf Coast that were hit by Hurricane Katrina last year, so, you know, the donations are definitely welcome, and this is a great opportunity to offer up a little more help to some of our fellow citizens who were hit hard last year.

I chose a couple of books on home repairs (plumbing, wiring, and exterior siding) for the Margaret Sherry library in Biloxi, mainly because they are still rebuilding the region, and these books seemed somehow appropriate for that. 

So, as Scalzi said, "Hey, I donated. How about you?"

(You can also help promote the Dewey Donation System by blogging about it.)