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Baking cookies has never been one of my culinary specialties. I've always tried to do nice presentations though, and the cookies pictured above are a perfect example of both. The recipe is from Gale Gand, and is one I thought would be both tasty and fun to make. My guess is that if I had done things properly, I would have been right on both accounts. But still....

I made the dough according to the recipe, cut the dough into heart-shaped cookies and then cut a smaller heart-shaped cut-out from each cookie to later fill the hole with lollipop base. 

Everything was fine so far.

Then came the lollipop-making. I've never tried to make hard candy before - my recommendation is to leave it to the experts. (Of which I am definitely not one.)

The cookies, once filled with the lollipops, looked great. The cookies themselves tasted kind of eh, not sweet, not exactly not-sweet, just eh.

The lollipops, however, were bitter and burned, despite following the recipe instructions to the letter. Still, had these been edible, they would have made a nice presentation.

Instead, they made for some nice looking cookies in the garbage can.

From here on out, I'll still with what I know, and candy-making is not on the list.

One more look.