We love our new home in Spring, TX. It is a terrific, nice-looking house, built in 1970, but it aged well, the house itself was nicely maintained, and the home has "good bones." 

The interior was quite dated, but previous owners had done a lot to improve the first floor, and we finished off the first floor updates with a remodeled kitchen and an updated first-floor bath. 

The yard, though, was another matter entirely. Ill-maintained, large, poorly placed trees. The back lawn is a mess. We did some work removing trees. We replaced portions of the fence

There was also a thoroughly dilapidated covered patio in the back yard when we bought the house. (Shown below.)

We've had that removed. We had a contractor - Southern Mills Construction - remove the pebble-stone and flagstone mess the served as the patio before.

It is all prepped for a new, simple, poured-concrete patio now. Those deep holes are for posts - once they pour the concrete, the contractors will come back and build out a much larger, nicer covered patio. 

We can't wait for this project to be completed. We still have other work to do - replace the fence around the yard, fix the landscaping, maybe install a pool too. But we'll have expanded outdoor living space shortly. We're pretty excited about that.

John P. Needham

Spring, TX

August 31, 2015