Starting with the original source, here, which indicates that the material posted below is public domain available.

In the 1950s, Johnny Cash appeared on radio programs in the south, and some of the recordings from these shows are now available in "bootleg" form.

I am uploading a zip file of the radio programs at that link. The file is a .rar file which opens via WinZip. The embeded radio programs are .flac files, which you can open with many standard audio players like VLC. I used Groove Music to play them on my laptop computer. 

I'd recommend downloading and listening on a computer and not your phone - the file to be downloaded is roughly 190MB, and unzipping and playing on a computer is easier than on a phone. For me, at least.

If you like Johnny Cash as much as I do, these historical recordings will make you smile. Some of the coolest things are that, in the 1950s, when artists were hosted on radio programs like Country Style USA, the artists and the host were the ones who read the radio commercials, so you'll hear Johnny Cash, here, promoting savings bonds, and U.S. Army recruitment programs. These radio programs are a lot of fun to listen to, and they have some historical significance to Johnny Cash fans. 

Here is what is included in the programs: Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two (Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant) on Country Style USA, from November, 1956 (includes Hey Porter and I Walk the Line); another episode of the Country Style USA radio program from 1956 (date unknown, includes Folsom Prison and Get Rhythm), and an episode of the Guest Star radio program from June, 1959 (includes Don't Take Your Guns to Town).

Again: if you're a Johnny Cash fan like I am, you should give these radio programs a listen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

John P. Needham

January 4, 2018

Spring, TX