So, yeah. I’ve been pretty much missing around here lately. That’s plainly obvious.

We’ve been busy with the kids, and marching band season. Plus, inertia. Entropy. Okay, laziness.

We’re mostly through the marching season: the Klein Oak Band has played all the football games so far, and there are a few more left before the playoffs, but generally the band does not march for playoff games. They’ve played in one marching contest so fat, and have another one tonight (Area UIL) and another contest Saturday (UIL again, assuming the band qualifies tonight). Then the big one in San Antonio: BOA (Bands of America).

As most know so far from Facebook, Twitter, and IG, we have two sons in Klein Oak Band: one, John Bailey, is a Drum Major, the other, Cody, is on Bass Drum 3. So here are a few images from the season so far.

KOHS Marching Band Drum Majors, 2018
Bailey at band rehearsal
Cody Photo Day
Bailey, too cool for words
Cody, also too cool for waords
Cody at rehearsal
Bailey & Carolyn on Senior Night
Cody during warmups, Senior Night
Cody warmups (October 20, 2018)
Bailey, leading the half-time show, October 20, 2018

Well, I think that catches us up, for now. I’ll try to do better, maintaining this website. No promises, except to promise to try.

John P. Needham

October 23, 2018

Spring, TX