Yesterday, Cody and Carolyn and I had to take Rose the Hound on her final visit to the vet. She had gotten sick, and one malady led to another, eventually leading to pancreatitis and pneumonia.

I posted on social media that ol’ Rose was a good dog, but like many hounds, she was a willful, headstrong, even a stubborn family pet. We grew used to that, over time. She was also a voracious eater, and was a solid family pet, or family member, depending on who one asks. She was a good companion, and was an enthusiastic defender of our home, which was also her home.

So, now, for the first time in more than 20 years, we have no pets in our home. That’s an unusual situation, for us. It is one I don’t think will last for terribly wrong.

We won’t replace Rose, to be sure. But a good dog, even one that is willful, headstrong and stubborn, can be a good thing to have around. So we’ll likely be getting one for our home, before too much time passes.