Well, I've been on vacation since last Wednesday. We stayed at home and did less than nothing, unless you count staying at home and doing nothing, well, more than nothing. I certainly do.

So here's where we're at with the new version of the website:

I've got to learn HTML coding to make all this work. Not a disaster, mind you, but it does mean that I'll be updating more slowly, and adding links/pictures less frequently that I had in the past, when it was all as simple as FTP'ing a basic MS Word document to our old website host.

So, here goes, with a small post: Today, Carolyn and the boys and I visited my mom, and took a few pictures. Here is one now. I'm eager to see if this works, so I'll be posting now and reviewing the results....if it turns out that it failed, please do let me know, though I probably already know that, and I'm just too lazy to try to repair it now.....thanks!