Bailey and Cody are attending the local Kensington School for pre-school. It is an excellent program - they get out of the house, play and learn with children their own age, and they have really benefited from Kensington's program.

Today, Bailey came home with a gift for Mom and Dad, all wrapped up nice and neat. (Our guess is that he had some help with the wrapping.) He also had a gift for himself from his teacher. Bailey, happily, loves books - he is reading all the time.

Cody, on the other hand, came home with reindeer antlers. They were not for us (necessarily) but they are equally as precious. He did not want to take the anters off.

We have great kids. And we are extremely lucky to have a program like Kensington’s for the boys to attend. At this time of year, this is just another of the constant reminders of how blessed we really are.