Well, after our nice surprise white Christmas, we wound up with some very mild weather for the following week, and we were lucky enough to have the warm weather coincide with a visit from the Dwyer family. So we spent a fair amount of time outside playing with the boys. Baliey and Cody had an absolute blast playing with their cousins Sean and Casey. 

Cody and Bailey got their new bikes out and practiced their riding. Cody needs a fair amount of help, still, but Bailey really enjoys riding his.

On the last day of their visit, Tom Dwyer and I took all the boys to Walter Payton's Brew Pub in Aurora - an awesome restaurant which also houses the Walter Payton Museum. The boys got to play in the unseasonably warm weather in the courtyard, and generally had a really nice time.

All in all, it was a really nice Christmas/New Years week, and a really pleasant visit with the Dwyers.

Here's hoping 2005 brings happiness, health, and prosperity to you as well.