Three years ago today, May 1, 2002, Carolyn was at Edward Hospital in Naperville. After a relatively short procedure, a c-section, Cody Ambrose Needham joined our little family. Here is a picture from that day, and here is one from his first birthday party, two years ago.

Cody, shown here from earlier today, has been a source of real joy in our lives. Today, as he celebrated his third birthday, we were reminded of how much he means to us. For this first time, Bailey was really into another child’s birthday. He was very happy for his little brother. That was extremely special too.

We had an awesome party for Cody – he had a lot of fun, surrounded by great friends and family. Carolyn put together a great party. By the time the party ended, our boys, indeed all the kids, were buzzed on sugar and playing, and exhaustedly left for home. Cody and Bailey are asleep now – they also went to bed easily after all the excitement.

Below are some pictures from the party:

Jackson and his parents, John and Kristin.

Emma Rose and her mom (with Kristin).

John HenryHere is another picture of John Henry, this time with the birthday boy! Cody’s Grandma(with Emma’s dad in background)

Mr. Ben from next door.

Not to be left out, big brother Bailey.

Like most three-year-olds, Cody is a joy to be around, most of the time. Today was one of those days where he was at his best. It was a spectacular birthday for a really terrific boy. Join us, why don’t you, in wishing him all the best!