Here it is, in a nutshell. The link is from a blogger who is, in equal parts, as amusing as she is contemptible, Susanna Cornett. She blogged at the Detroit News website during the same time that I did.

You can get a good long list at what is wrong with the American Radical Right here.

Susanna was one of those typical right-wingnuts who, rather than debating valid points about policy, chose to compare me and other liberals with Hitler-loving, terrorist-succoring, anti-American “libs.” 

(This is in contrast to other conservative bloggers at DetNews, with whom I disagreed in the distant past and in the recent past. Steven Couch comes to mind – he is a conservative law student in Massachusetts, who has a weblog called Blue State Red, expresses opinion that I greatly admire. 

Also coming to mind is Risawn, who is (like our Susanna) featured in the Weblogs of Interest on the left side of this page.

Not to mention John La Plante, the conservative blogger from DetNews who (misguidedly) seems stuck on a one-method “fix” for Social Security. The lone method he endlessly blogs about is absolutely the least desirable “fix” for Social Security, but at least he is civil about it.) 

See? Some people from the right side of the political spectrum are capable of debating policy points (and earning respect) without debasing the debate with Hitler-lover references and "my America, love it or leave it" rhetoric. Unlike Susanna Cornett, who prefers to dredge up college surveys from, say, 1933, and then try to (implausibly) claim that I responded to it. 

What Susanna and other people like her will evidently never comprehend is that it is a simple process to oppose an administration, while still loving the nation that this administration temporarily represents. 

More’s the pity for them. They have my sympathy, and deserve yours too. 

So, Susanna, who evidently stumbled upon our little corner of the world wide web – or, more likely, was led to it, hand held....

Rest assured, you have my sympathy. 

UPDATE Thursdsay evening: I mis-stated the timing of the survey that Susanna quoted. It was a 1939 survey, not 1933 as I stated above. Humble apologies for the mistake. And for the record, though there may be no internet record of it now, we all know that what Susanna actually said was she wondered what liberals NOW feel about Hitler, and not what she claimed later in her little "correction."

As I said, she is a right-wingnut - and they are amusing, not alarming.