Tomorrow John leaves for the Jersey Shore. Carolyn and the boys are already there. 

Since the Fourth of July is just around the corner, and because the Republicans in the House of Representatives just passed a ridiculous Constitutional Amendment to ban flag burning, I'll leave you with a few links:

1. John Scalzi weighs in with a really humorous and entertaining post here.
2. Eric Zorn from the Chicago Tribune cites Scalzi and adds his own commentary here.
3. Lindsay Beyerstein weighs in here.

Funny and entertaining stuff. I can't remember now, or find where I read it, but to paraphrase what I read recently:

I'm so glad that all the other problems in the nation are solved, which provided the Republican-led House of Representative to take up this pressingissue of flag burning, to spend the time debating it, to take the time to vote. Because if there is anything this nation needs, it is to put those ten-of-thousands of flag burners out there in prison. I mean, how long can it go on? People burning flags in the streets, on trains, planes and in automobiles. Burnign flags everywhere! The pollution! The smog and smoke burns the eyes, flag-burning is so rampant!

Nope, all the other problems are solved - the war in Afghanistan, Bush's folly in Iraq, the potential under-funding of Social Security, the great danger in under-funded Medicare and Medicaid, school funding, simplifying the tax code - Congress already solved all those problems, so it was time to tackle the thorny issue of all those tens-of-thousands of flag burners out there.

Good job Congress, we're all terribly proud of you.