Well, our old friend and former DetNews co-blogger Susanna Cornett is at it again.

She posts a nice story about one of the American servicemen who is serving in Iraq. It is a touching tale of an American who is American by choice, and who Susanna points out is serving by choice too. Here is a link to AnySoldier.com where you can search for the soldier's post. If you search for "HernandezGarcia" you'll find the fine man's post. 

(And Susanna typically fails to include permalinks to her own posts, much less comment threads where people can comment on her latest right-wingnut diatribe. She also fails to include any link directly to the soldier's comments, so that his own words can stand on thier own. However, she does cut/paste the soldier's entire post for her own purposes, which (see below) is NOT to promote AnySoldier.com, but is rather to promote her own right-wingnut philosophies.)

She follows up with this line (quoted directly from her weblog):

"The left would have you believe that he is either a thug or an imbecile."

As stated in the Title of this post, I'll speak for myself, thank you very much Susanna.

Well, I'm certainly on the left side of the political spectrum, and I definitely do not think that Seargent Marvin E. Hernandez-Garcia is a thug OR an imbecile.

I think it is pretty clear that nobody in this "story" is a thug, but that there definitely is an imbecile here.

And that imbecile is an intellectual lightweight named Susanna Cornett.