As some might already know, Bailey and Cody have been playing baseball this summer. T-ball, actually. Today was there last practice. Since I was home from work yesterday and today, I decided to take in their practice and take a few pictures.

Pictured above are, from left to right, Cody (looking away), Bailey, and Ben Scott. They're on the same team.

The team name is the "Red Pickles." (I kid you not.)

Here is Bailey running the bases. Here he is playing the field, and here is Bailey and Cody leaving the field.

On to Cody....

First of all, Cody needs some help with his throwing motion - I'm going to be working on that with him for the rest of this summer. However, he is a demon on the basepaths! Here he is racing for first base after getting a hit, and here he is going from second to third base. Cody is also an enthusiastic fielder, though he did not get any tries at today's practice.

Alas, T-ball is done for this year, but we're going to keep playing.