For President? For the U.S. Senate? For mayor of Chicago or one of the local races on the horizon?


Management here at are hereby officially endorsing Kevin McKague for City Council of Davison, MI.

We've never met Kevin, nor have we been to Davison. But we don't want that to stand in the way of our taking a stand.

Kevin is a young man who is sensible, pragmatic, and left of center. He is a "Liberal Christian family man", according to his bio at the Detroit News Weblog site.

Editor's Note: Management here at once blogged there too

Anyway, read Kevin's blogs. Learn about him. And, if you find yourself eligible to vote in the November 8th election in Davison, Michigan, please consider voting for him.

Just as importantly, if you agree that American would be better off if young, intelligent, well spoken and decent people like Kevin served their communities, like Kevin is trying to do, consider making a donation to his campaign.

We'll be making one as soon as we can figure out how to.

UPDATE: Here is a story in the Flint Journal. From the story, it appears that the City Council is elected in an at-large vote, rather than specific districts.

And here is the website for Kevin's campaign. You can make a contribution to the campaign using Pay-Pal from a link on the website. (We just did.) Or contact Kevin directly at