Attention BRAT attendees!

Full size image.

I have saved 45 low resolution pictures from the BRAT Cocktail reception and from the BRAT Tournament. I also have the same images saved as high resolution images.

Everyone is encouraged to download the ZIP file with the low resolution images. You can print or redistribute these images to your heart's content. (If any of them are published on the internet and/or in books, I request a credit and nothing more. For personal use, these images are available for free distribution.)

The low resolution images HAVE BEEN REMOVED. If you want the ZIP file e-mailed to you, please e-mail us directly using the links above. Thanks!

Additionally, everyone who has a TRULY high-speed internet connection is welcome to download a ZIP file of the high resolution images, which are better for printing/framing. However, I would caution that this is a 27 Meg file and only the very highest speed internet connection will support this, unless, say, you have a week or two to download this. (It took me more than 15 minutes to upload this ZIP file.) I am happy to e-mail high-res images to any requesters if you'll only e-mail me with the image number. Use the e-mail links at the top of this page to find my e-mail address. Thanks. (Again, these images are available for free for personal use. Also free for publication, with credit. Thanks again.)

The high resolution imagesHAVE ALSO BEEN REMOVED to preserve space for more family pictures. If you want the high-resolution images, please e-mail us from the links above. Thanks!

(Editor's note: Because this high-res file is so large, I'm only planning on leaving it out here for a week or so. I'll remove the file around June 1, 2006. If you are reading this after that time frame, please download the low-res images above and choose which images you'd like e-mailed to you. Then e-mail me and I'll send them along right away. Please just put "BRAT 2006" in the subject line of the e-mail and it will get through my SPAM filters. Thanks!)

The 2006 BRAT event was a great time, and I'd like to thank our friends in Memphis for making this available to us! I'd also like to thank everyone that we met at the BRAT Cocktail reception - we had (ahem) more fun than most people have any right to have. We'll see you all next year.