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We had our first Kane County Cougars game today. (Actually, that's not completely true - we had tickets to a game back on April 7th, but game time temperatures were 38 degrees so we wound up staying for one batter and bailing out.) 

Today, the weather was much warmer. And this picture was taken from virtually the same angle as the one in the previous paragraph.

As often happens, one of the boys, in this case Cody, was given a baseball by one of the players in the visitors' bullpen. To assuage Bailey's disappointment thathe did not get a baseball, we bought him a souvenir bat. (Okay, I did.) This led to some typical wheeling and dealing, resulting in Bailey having a new baseball, while Cody got the souvenir bat

Like many boys who are baseball fans, getting a ball from a professional baseball player resulted in some switched allegiances. By the middle of the game, they were chanting "Go Wizards" and high-fiving with the Wizards' pitchers.

Here is a picture of a proud father with his two sons at a Cougars game. 

Oh, and Cody managed to snag John Maddens' autograph as well. That's # 18 onyour scorecard, ladies and gentlemen. 

All in all, it was an eventful and excellent weekend. Here's hoping you and yours had a great weekend too.