Cody Ambrose turns seven years old this week.

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Because of scheduling conflicts with business travel, we decided to have his party yesterday, Saturday. When we discussed this with Cody, he decided he wanted to have a slumber party. Five friends. All seven-year-olds, just like Cody. (Except his big brother bay.)We were skeptical, but relented. It was a lot of fun for Cody and his friends. Carolyn and I needed naps today.

Below are the attendees for the festivities:

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Cody loved his pirate cake and blew out the candles. A night of childlike merriment ensued, which involved Wii games, Nintendo DS, a Harry Potter movie and popcorn, and, eventually, sleep.

Parenthetically, it is worth showing a picture of what Cody looked like as a baby. He was always smiling and happy.

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Cody is one of the nicest, most empathetic and kindest children we've ever encountered. That fact that he lives right here, with us, is merely an added blessing. He truly amazes us on almost a daily basis. 

So, Happy Birthday, Cody! May you have many, many more such parties in the years to come!