Well, where the heck did this summer go?

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As usual, we had one heckuva time. Baseball figured prominently, as it always does. 

Full sized image. Bay has taken to wearing his cousin (and fellow southpaw) Casey's old mitt for baseball, eschewing the brand new one he got at the beginning of summer.

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A couple more pictures of Cody:

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Yes, that is a "Saint Louis" jersey he's wearing for Little League, but we still hate the MLB Cardinals in this family. 

We also hit a bunch of Kane County Cougars games this year, asalways. When we go to those, sometimes they let kids run the bases after the games, which our kids particularly enjoy. 

What else?

Well, poolside, there were some Pirate Ship sightings, The Black Dog, courtesy of The Minkers of Naples, FL. This, quite naturally, led to pirate ship attacks.

We set a new record for kids in the pool:

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Okay, the "kid" in the middle is not really a kid at all. That's my brother-in-law, who deployed to Afghanistan recently. Please send good thoughts and prayers his way, and of course to his family.

As of July 26th, we've been using a new camera - which has a much faster shutter speed, a lots of new bells and whistles that we'll likely never figure out how to use, but gives us an opportunity to do someinteresting things with pictures

Oh, and I had the pleasure and privilege of golfing this summer, at a charity event in Memphis, with Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr. If there was a nicer guy golfing in Memphis in May, I didn't meet him. And in his seventies, Bart still has game. Pity that the rest of our group played so poorly - we held Bart back. WAY back. 

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This picture was nicked off Facebook from one of the guys in our group:

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UPDATE: at 7:00 p.m. - The golf pictures above reminded me about one day for which we had pictures - Mother's Day, where me and the boys took Carolyn out for Mother's Day brunch at a local golf course, and hit the range afterwards.....

Carolyn and the boys on the practice green. (Notice the two hats.)

Bay's backswing.

Of course, that was a practice swing! 

Cody made contact.

Me and these handsome dudes..

End of update.

So, that's pretty much how we spent our summer. How about you?